The five interesting places to visit within 100 km from Kiev

  • Arboretum "Alexandria ", Belaya Tserkov

Distant lands so tempting with its miracles and shine that we often forget about the things which are so close. In a radius of 100 km from Kiev it is possible to find many interesting places where a traveller should focus on.

Arboretum "Alexandria ", Belaya Tserkov

Arboretum "Alexandria" is the main attraction of this small town which is located 90 km from Kiev. In Alexandria Park there are 25 reservoirs, 2,500 species of plants, including those from South America, China and Japan. Interestingly but "Alexandria "is twice exaggeration famous “Sofievka” in area. The basis of the planning consists of a Large field and a network of alleys with a length of 20 km. The alleys are decorated with park architecture and sculptures.

Park of Tripoli culture, Rzhyshchiv

Obukhov road leads to Rzhishchev along the Dnipro River. Park of Tripoli culture is the main attraction and the city card. Here you can see the original sculpture, stylized in Tripoli culture, and antique millstones . Also one can climb the mountain Ivan, where there are the remains of ancient settlement which is known from the chronicles was called Ivan-city. It is possible to go to Husince village, where you will see soaked Preobrazhenska Church. After the formation of the Kanev Reservoir it remained on the island.

Korostishevsky Canyon

100 km along Zhitomir highway a traveler should left into the woods before Korostishev city. There is a very picturesque lake with clear water, formed after the flooding of the granite quarry. Here the sheer granite shore is reflected in the mirrored waters; the air is saturated with pine scents and rules the atmosphere of peace and beauty.

Yasnogorodkaya Ostrich Farm

Since Yasnogorodka is on the same highway as Korostishev it is possible to combine both trips together. In the village Stoyanka you should turn left; in Gnatovka - to the right , towards the village Negrishi after which will be Yasnogorodka. It is the largest ostrich farm in Ukraine "Valley of ostriches," where almost five hundred birds live. Children can watch how little ostrichs are playing while gourmets can  try a huge fifies egg or ostrich meat itself.

Factory of Christmas toys, Klavdievo - Tarasovo

The settlement Klavdievo – Tarasovo is about 50 km from the capital. Klavdievskaya factory of Christmas decorations was founded in 1946. Here you can see how toys are made by hand with the processes of blowing, silvering, painting and decoration. It is also possible to paint the toy on your own and present it to friends or relatives. The factory takes individual orders for toys. The touristic excursions are conducted from September to December.

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