The specialty of wine tourism in the Carpathians: wine tours

More and more tourists prefer non-standard tours. From these tours you can really learn a lot, meet interesting people, see more in short time. The wine tourism becomes more and more popular among tourists. There is a question: do we have in Ukraine this noble drink of high quality? Do we need to go in search of this noble drink to other countries? We don’t need to go abroad for it, do we? We already know that the capitals of the wine industry of Ukraine are the Carpathians and the Crimean region. Wine tours are held throughout the year.

Transcarpathian area has a very interesting wine route for a tourist. Cellars for wine storage, rooms for tasting the finest wines produced by private winemakers - this is combined in a special route. Carpathian wine route passes through the following regions: Beregovo, Vinogradov, Uzhgorod.

There you will find the tasting room, where the master- classes are held on wine tourism; also you will be surprised that the wine is not stored in barrels. Hundreds of closed bottles are stored in wine cellars. The collection of these bottles is a local landmark. Also there are held wine festivals, unlike the Crimean region.

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