Ukraine is considered as an alternative to the Eastern European resorts

Seven major tour operators of Turkey declared their participation in an information tour to Crimea, which they consider as an alternative to the Eastern European resorts.

"Currently, Crimea is considered as a serious alternative to the tourist market of Eastern Europe, in particular , resorts Macedonia , Montenegro, Bulgaria. Crimea is now of great interest in Turkey , both in terms of cultural and historical tourism, and recreation as well", - said the director of Turkish Airline Serhat Fil.

According to him , the interest of the Turkish tourism companies in the Crimea has grown thanks to the abolition of the visa regime between Ukraine and Turkey.

Informational trip for Turkish tour operators will be held in October this year. In the framework of it visiting hotels and resorts of the peninsula are planned. The Ministry of resorts and tourism of Crimea has prepared a list of objects to be included in the program infotour , and looks forward to a year-round stream of tourists from Turkey in the future . 

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