How to spend the weekend in Western Ukraine

Every weekend, many people want to have a rest, but tastes differ. Some people prefer an active rest (travelling and adventures) and some - passive rest (staying at home). For activists, there is a set of ideas of spending the weekend, for example, a trip to a “small country” - Transcarpathia.

Place 1 – Shenborns’ Castle

Shenborns’ Castle draws the attention by its historic elegance and amazing beauty. Come and take a walk in the park, planted with rare trees. In past times in the fall time there gathered a lot people from Europe for a rest and hunting. This is an elegant hunting palace - castle of the Counts Shenborn.

How to get there: can be reached from Uzhgorod by bus Uzhgorod-Svaliava or train through Mukachevo.

Place 2 - Shypit Falls

Visit one of the most beautiful and the most full-flowing waterfalls of Transcarpathia - Shypit. It is a wonder of nature in the mountains on the outskirts of the village Pylypets. Each year, the waterfall attracts thousands of visitors from different countries for festivals.

How to get there: Pylypets can be reached by train Lviv - Mukachevo and Kyiv - Chop, when you reach the station Volovets and from there go by car, taxi or public bus Volovets- Mizhhiria.

Place 3 - Polonyna Borzhava

Hike to the ridge Polonyna Borzhava, it is fun and easy for the novice traveler to go into a journey to beech and fir forests. Polonyna Borzhava is one of the largest in the Carpathian Mountains that will make you wonder.

How to get there: you can get there by train from the East to the West through Chop, goes through Borzhava. Automobile highway also passes this place.

Place 4 - Lake Synevyr

It will be awesome to look at the largest and most beautiful, high-altitude glacial lake Synevyr with crystal clear water located on the territory of the National Natural Park.

How to get there: take the train to the station Volovets or to the town Hust. There are buses and taxis in Volovets and Hust to Mizhhiria that goes to this place. The village Polyana Synevyrska can be reached by bus or taxi.

Place 5 - Selyska Cheese Dairy

Taste here ecologicallygood cheese which is made according to Swiss technologies. Everyone can watch the process of the “birth” of cheese; you can also taste the product, take away “tasty souvenirs” to home and experience the atmosphere of little Switzerland.

How to get there: you can get to Hust and from there to the village Nyzhne Selyshche by bus.

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