Travel to Ukraine: Ideas for summer vacation

The Carpathians: Active tourism

Carpathian mountains in summer is the walks along mountain paths or riding bikes, walking through the woods. Hoverla ascend is an adventure that will provide you the ideal nature and wonderful experiences. Covering the distance in 20161 meter, you will get your second wind and be inspired for many tourist discoveries.

Crimea: Beach holidays

Gentle sand, warm water, surf the waves and romantic sunrises and sunsets. Many summer holiday-makers like such kind of rest. And the Crimea is the perfect place. There are many beaches for diving enthusiasts, families, lovers of tranquility or even for lovers of basking in the sun without clothes.

Lvov: Event Tourism

Fans of colorful festivals will not deny yourself the opportunity to visit Lviv in the summer. Each week of the summer in Lviv hosts various festival activities: music concerts, colorful ethnic festivals, theatrical performances, culinary events and exhibitions.

Donetsk: Industrial tourism

Especially for those who are not attracted by sightseeing tours, Ukraine reveals the secrets of industrial tourism. Eastert Ukraine is a perfect place. Real mines and majestic earth mounts attracts thousands of tourists. It is a great opportunities to visit well-known Soledar salt mine where you can visit the underground labyrinths, galleries, seeing the salt football field, as well as a concert hall.

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