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Tourist Crimea: from where comes the greatest number of tourists

Today Crimea opens doors to all guests, showing off its best attractions and opportunities at any time of the year

The Crimea in winter: five advantages of the peninsula

Crimea is lovely at any time of the year and many people love it in winter. And there are several reasons for it

The ten highest mountains of Ukraine, which are worth visiting

The Crimean Mountains and the Carpathians are the main mountain ranges in Ukraine

Top 10 places for walking in the Crimea in the Indian summer

The Crimean climate lets Ukrainian and foreign tourists see the Crimea in November during the colorful Indian summer and it will not make any difficulties to have a good rest

Top 9 Crimean wonders or in the arms of nature

The Crimean peninsula is a unique place to stay every time in every season of the year

The resorts of Crimea break records. From the beginning of the year almost two million tourists rested

According to an analysis of the Ministry of Resorts and Tourism of Crimea on July 1 in the Crimea 1.77 million rested

To get suntan in Ukraine. Where?

Ukraine offers all the opportunities, not only for its residents, but also for a large number of tourists from around the world

Great people of the world in the Crimea

At the Museum of World Sculpture and Applied Art in Yevpatoria an updated exposition of great people of the world will be open

Vorontsov Palace Museum has received a unique gift worth 5 mln euro

Vorontsov Palace-Museum received a unique collection of Ukrainian, Russian and Crimean artists valued it at 5,000,000 Euros

Crimea is developing hiking. Nordic walking.

In Crimea there are many opportunities for the development of hiking

Top 5 best beaches in Crimea

Crimea offers relaxing holiday swimming in the gentle sea as well as active one with jet skiing, scuba diving, excursions

One more Ukrainian attraction will be listed to UNESCO World Heritage

Chersonese Taurian can be included in the UNESCO list