The Genoese fortress is a landmark of medieval architecture of the world significance and the only one Genoese citadel, being reserved in The Crimea. Occupying 30 hectares of land, this unique fortification complex is situated at the ancient coral reef - Krepostnaya Gora (Fortress's Mountain) - that soars in a steep mighty rock over the emerald Sudak's bay. Due to fortunate location and powerful defensive facilities, the Genoese Fortress remained virtually impregnable for enemies without over long time.

It had two separate lines of defensive facilities: outer and inner. Encircling mountain's northern slopes, the outer one was a complex of 14 towers connected with solid walls and the Main Gates.

The inner defensive line - the citadel - consisted of four towers, Consul's castle and, separately standing on the Krepostnaya Gora's top, Patrol (or Maiden) Tower, from which only three walls have remained.

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