Pidhorodetsky Castle is a Renaissance palace with the surrounding fortifications. It is located in the village Pidgirci and together with Olesky and Zolochevsky Castle it forms a "Golden Horseshoe of Ukraine" - one of the most popular tourist destinations of the castles of Lvov region. The castle has a square shape and on the east, south and west the castle is surrounded by a line of fortifications, a deep moat and ramparts. At the site of today's castle ancient fortifications existed. The first mention of them was in 1530.

The interior of Podgoretsky castle struck contemporaries with its beauty and splendor. The halls and rooms match the names given to them: Chinese, Golden, Knight, Green, Mirror, Mosaic. Also things that belonged to King Jan III Sobieski survived. The rooms were decorated with portraits of the owners of the castle, copies of Raphael, Rubens, Titian and Caravaggio. Around the castle there was a beautiful park that belonged to the monuments of landscape art of national importance. It was built at the level of samples of so-called “Italian” parks.

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