Marble Cave in Crimea is among the top five most beautiful caves in Europe and is the winner of the national contest "7 Wonders of Ukraine." Today it is a tourist complex that includes a cafe and a mountain refuge for those wishing to spend a few days in the countryside.

The cave entrance is located at an altitude of 920 m above sea level. It’s extraordinarily is emphasized by intertwining of stalactites. Guests are greeted by the heroes of fairy tales and prototypes of great people. Carved columns, organs, huge trees and plants that are coated with a transparent shawl of colored minerals give a magical glow. But, oddly enough, the beauty of the cave can be destroyed in an instant, as human germs are dangerous to such a beauty. Therefore, it is forbidden to touch anything in the cave. In addition, the cave has a unique acoustics. Entire spiritual festivals and jazz music are held in huge halls of the cave. Another advantage of the Marble Cave is the fact that it is a treatment center for allergy sufferers, as it is free of any allergens. 

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