Klesovsky dendrological park

Arboretum Klesovsky has been created for 19 years by a self-taught landscape designer Alexey Voron. Evergreen hedges were brought from different cities of Ukraine and beyond its borders, and a skillful hand of landscape designer gave them a wonderful shape. Thus, such wonderful things were created as "Love Island”, decorative hill with the national emblem of Ukraine, the gateway to the" Paradise ", where fox and a wild boar guard the entrance. In addition there is an even greater number of wooden compositions, which reflect the internal mood of the author. On the territory of the park you will see the decorative fences, tables, jars, vases, bowls, glasses, birds, lights…

Also in the arboretum there is a chestnut avenue, which reaches 200 m. It stretches along the ponds, thereby strengthening the shore of the river. In general Klesovsky park has about 100 exotic trees and shrubs. If you wander around this beautiful place will bring a lot of encouragement, facilitation and simple earthly joy.

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