Lviv entered Top 10 world cities worth visiting in 2014

Lviv is still in the trend among tourists from all over the globe. Thus, the British travel guide included Ukrainian "city of sleeping lions" (ranked as the fifth) in ten world cities worth visiting this year.

Along with Lviv British observers admitted Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) , Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina) , Liverpool (England), Umea (Sweden), Marseille ( France) , Almaty ( Kazakhstan ), Rotterdam (the Netherlands), Glasgow (Scotland) and Portland (USA) .

"Hemmed in by farms and forests in the far west of Ukraine, Lviv is a small city with worldly aspirations. During Euro 2012, football fans stayed in the UNESCO-listed city centre, with its rickety trams and east–west fusion of architectural delights. Officials now want to develop tourism in the Carpathian Mountains, less than 100 miles away, and have set their sights on hosting the 2022 Winter Olympics. Our tip is to go soon, or face a long queue for the ski lifts."- The Rough Guide says.

*British portal The Rough Guide is one of the leading guides to the world travelling.

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