Places for sweethearts in Ukraine: romantic finds

Practically in every city in the world there is a symbol of enduring love it can be a bridge on which the couple attach locks on it and keys they either throw into the river or keep in a safe place. In Ukraine, there are also a lot of bridges for lovers, which joined many hearts.

Park Bridge in Kyiv

Bridge of Lovers is over the park alley near the stadium “Dynamo”.  The bridge is always crowded, especially on weekends and holidays. The elegance of this bridge became a real decoration of the Kyiv landscape and a favorite place not only of Kyiv, but also of many foreign tourists.

Bridge of Lovers and Teschin Bridge in Odessa

Once this big bridge united the hearts of beautiful girl from Odessa and the boy from Greece. There is another small bridge near it, where the bridegrooms often take photos and kiss.

Bridge of Lovers in Kharkiv

According to the tradition the couples leave on the bridge metal symbols of eternal love – locks. This bridge is over the road, so the sweethearts take away the keys of the locks with them. In Kharkiv, the bridge is located near the main square.

Dragon Bridge in Sevastopol

Dragon Bridge (bridge of lovers) is the official name of this architectural object, but it is also known as a bridge of dragons, bridge of kisses and bridge of lovers.

Bridge of Lovers in Cherkasy

In Cherkasy lovers come on the bridge so that to walk along it and make a wish. After the wedding the couple of lovers leave the lock on the bridge as a symbol of the bond of the family.

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