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Poltava is rightly considered to be a jewel in the crown of eastern Ukraine. It was made famous by its uncommon fate, plethora of historic monuments as well as its amazing natural recourses, and the inexhaustible cordiality of its residents. Tourists visit this fairytale town to admire the rich colors of the nature, to feel the inimitable atmosphere that inspired the great Mykola Gogol, and to visit the famous Sorochynska Fair.

Must-do things in Poltava

  • Get into the bowl of Ukrainian dumplings
  • Try to embrace the 800-year old oak
  • See the church built by “Russian Leonardo”
  • Get to know the secret of chest in the museum

For a list of other things to do and places to see, please check out this article, written by a local guide in Poltava, Alex Kravchenko

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