Alexandrovsky (Korpusny) Park

Favorite place of recreation for the citizens of Poltava is a round Alexandrovsky (Korpusny) garden. The park was established in accordance with the plan, which was developed at the time of the Governor-General of Prince Alexei Kurakin. Due to the fact that the park was in possession of Petrovsky Poltava Cadet Corps, the name "Korpusny" stuck. Alexandrovsky Park was built on a suburban wasteland. Gradually 8 pathways dispersed from the area, as the rays. Since the second half of the XX century, Korpusny Park was a monument of landscape architecture. It has eight radial avenues. Also in the park there are about 70 species of trees and shrubs, flowerbeds of peonies, roses and other flowers. On weekends, a brass band plays in the park also, thereby bringing visitors a lot of fun.


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