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Picturesque and cozy Rivne, one of the most ancient cities in Ukraine, could easily have been in the running for the title of the country’s most attractive place. But cruel history had other plans. 

From 1282, Rivne - which at the time was known as Rovno - was a minor Polish settlement. In 1795, Russia claimed the territory and left the settlement with a loss of identity. From 1920, however, it reverted to its power and was once again, Polish at heart. 

In spite of its difficult past, Rivne managed to preserve its unique charm. You feel it while walking through its streets, admiring its estates, and watching its leisurely atmosphere from one of its quaint cafes.

Discover spectacular monuments, interesting natural objects, and fascinating culture. Come prepared for cold weather, to wander along the snowy tree-lined streets in winter. Or let your curiosity run wild at the Peresopnytsia Cultural and Archaeological Centre.

Must-Do Adventures in the Idyllic City of Rivne Ukraine

A diverse landscape and living history makes Rovno, Ukraine, a wonderland for outdoorsy adventure and packs an itinerary full of historical endeavors. 

Step back in time and explore the wondrous gems found in Rivne.

Take a Walk Along the Castle’s Dungeons

Nestled within Rivne Oblast, a medieval castle holds all the secrets of the city. Famous generals used the mysterious dungeons to torture their greatest enemies. The most beautiful princes and princesses were said to have been hidden in the fortress to protect them from mischievous, meddling men. 

These, of course, are all stories, but visit the dungeons for yourself and see if you can find any clues revealing the powerful Ostroh dynasty’s past.

See Tarakanovsky Fort

Each corner of Rivne, Ukraine, is bursting with history and this magnificent fort has slowly started becoming one of the most iconic monuments in the region. Admire the panoramic views, wander around the ominous ruins, and discover the rich history and legends of the fortress.

Legend has it that the spirits of the dead soldiers of the war wander the grounds in search of a way back to their bodies. 

The Tunnel of Love

Chances are, many travelers haven’t heard of Rivne. However, those who plan on adding Rivne to their itineraries most definitely know about the dreamy Tunnel of Love. Just outside the city lies a private railway that has been transformed into an enchanting tunnel of trees.

Locals believe that when visited by lovebirds, the tunnel can grant their deepest wishes.

Go for a Ride in the Carriage of “Polisky Tram”, Europe’s Longest Narrow Gauge Railway

The gauge is one of the oldest forms of railway systems and seems to fit in perfectly with the historic ambiance of the town. Fall in love with the land as you journey by tram through different villages and territories throughout the region.

Planning a Trip to the Ancient City

As an important cultural city, filled with the heritage of a multinational population, Rivne is an attractive tourist destination. Although one of the lesser-known Ukrainian cities, it’ll no doubt steal a place in your heart. 

A trip to the timeworn yet charming city promises an experience with warm-hearted people, colorful streets, and an off-the-beaten-path adventure. 

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