Would you like to appear in a fairy-tale? Just for some time… To be transferred into the world full of magic, bright, extraordinary and unique one…  Yes, you’ve got such an opportunity – visit “Valley of Tales” in Yalta!  More than 200 characters from tales for children, cartoons and legends remind you of the moments from your childhood filled with light-heartedness and magic. Professional artists and sculptures made them all from wood, aluminum, copper, decorative stone, Plexiglas, some other materials, and inspirited them with life and history. More than 25 authors from Ukraine, Russia,  Armenia, Lithuania worked on creating and making the characters of the tale heroes. Mostly they used florizm method. It means that natural material was mostly used for building the characters: thickset stumps, curved branches, rough trunks blockhouses, twisted tree roots which resembled tale heroes. If you visit Ukraine, don’t deprive yourself of the opportunity to let Ukrainian tales enter your life. 

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