What a tourist must do in Kyiv, if he can not sleep

Every night has many surprises, and especially the night capital. In a big city there are a lot of possibilities and variants of spending time, as well as for the citizens of the city and for the tourists who cannot sleep because of the difference in time zones. Let's list the most popular ones.

Evening tour along the Dnipro

The cruise by Dnipro is a good relaxation for the soul. River cruise on the ship or boat is romantic and exciting. Each travel along the river will leave a lot of positive emotions. The cruise on the boat in Kyiv is very popular among tourists and people of the capital.

For picturegoers

The rest in the cinemas in the evening has become a familiar and fun pastime for everyone. Watching the film is a good way to relax and the opportunity to get something new.

Worth visiting:

1. “Megaplex” in the shopping center “Blockbuster”

2. “Butterfly” in the entertainment center “Ultramarine”

3. “Kyiv”

4. “Kievan Rus”, etc.

Nightclub Life

People go to nightclubs to have a good time, meet up with friends or make new friends. Some come here only with the purpose to dance or listen to the music of famous DJs. Everyone finds something different in this kind of entertainment.

The most popular clubs are:

1. “Greenwich”

2. “Patipa”

3. “Sorry, babushka”

4. “De lux”

5. “Heven”, etc.

Alive movie

Visiting the theatre is the art and the kind of holiday that has come to us from ancient times. Once  a reincarnation of the actors on stage seemed magical.

Worth visiting:

1. National Academic Drama Theatre named after Ivan Franko

2. Kyiv State Academic Theatre of Operetta

3. The National Academic Theatre of Russian Drama named after Lesia Ukrainka

4. The National Academic Theatre of Opera and Ballet of Ukraine named after Taras Shevchenko , etc.

If you are fans of…

Watching concerts in the evening is an opportunity to listen to your favorite artist or group in society of the same fans as you are and appreciate the works of the artists.

Worth visiting:

1. Palace of Sports

2. House of officers

3. Arts and Cultural Center of the National Aviation University

4. ARENA Entertainment , etc.

All in one

Visiting the mall is one of the city’s most popular forms of rest, which combines different types of relaxation. Here you will find karaoke bars, skating rinks, bowling, roller skating, etc.

Worth visiting:

1. Shopping center Sky Mall

2. Shopping center “Dream Town”

3. Shopping center “Locker”

4. Entertainment  center “Blockbuster”

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