"White Lotus” Temple is the only in Europe prototype of a well-known Buddhist temple in Laos. It was built twenty years ago. According to archive documents seven thousand years ago Buddhist temple existed on the same territory. At that time there was an island. While preparing the land for the basement of the temple there was a statuette found with Buddha in a warrior mask pictured on it. Later there appeared a stream with curative qualities. The experts came to the conclusion that one of the parts of the statuette was received out of the gravity field of the Earth.

In Buddha temple there is curative water which will help you to clean your soul under the big bell. The architect of the construction was the head of the local Buddha community, after he had made six year pilgrimage and studies in Laos.

In front of the main entrance there is one of the most important symbols build – white stupu (last syllable is stressed). It symbolizes the Universe and represents land, water, fire, wind and space. Each of its degrees is the level of human improvement. Inside of the monument there are four Buddha who watch in four sides of the Earth. This place is worth visiting if you travel in Ukraine. 

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