Tarkhankut: Mecca for diving enthusiasts

Tarkhankut peninsula is a kind of Mecca for diving enthusiasts. It attracts thousands of divers from Ukraine, Russia and other neighboring countries. Divers are attracted by the crystal-clear water that allows examining the details, even at great depths, as well as carrying out the magnificent underwater photography.

In the past, there have often been shipwrecks. Here you can still find an amphora, ancient weapons, coins and other items from sunken ships. So many divers are obsessed with the hope of archaeological finds. Besides, in 70 m from the shore, at a depth of 13 m, there is wonderful underwater museum.

Diving center "Aphalina"

It is located on Tarkhankut, in cape Big Atlesh. Center is open from May to September, accommodation in camping. Dive for beginners costs 300 UAH (price includes equipment rental) and for experienced divers – 250 UAH.

How to get there

Tarkhankut is located far away from the highways and popular tourist destinations, in the literal sense - on the edge of the earth. That is why it is better to get there by own car.

  • By car

It is the most convenient to go to Yevpatoria, from where the highway to Tarkhankut is paved. Distance from Simferopol to Olenevka is 160 kilometers, from Yevpatoria to Olenevka - 90 kilometers.

  • By bus

The trip on public transport is not close, with transfers. It is better to get to Simferopol by train, where you should change train to Yevpatoria. There take a bus going to Olenevka.


Many tourists coming to Tarhankut prefer to live on the beach in tents. In Olenevka tourists can live with comfort, enjoying all the benefits of civilization. Private accommodation in the season can be rented for 50-60 UAH per person. Also, there are many guest houses, small hotels and holiday homes.


Beaches of the peninsula is sandy, not wide in some places there is no coastline, cliffs drop off into the water. Most of the beaches are wild. In Olenevka beaches are located on the shores of the bay and on the sand spit, which forms a small estuary.

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