Travels in an “eco” style – by Ukrainian paths

The Ukrainian Carpathians are the ideal place for the travels in an “eco” style: find your own edelweiss flower, see the sunrise high in the mountains, take a rest with a fishing tackle near a quite lake, and also enjoy the silence of the rural area to the fullest and have a look at the traditions and folk crafts.

A small mountain village Lumshory is one of the picturesque places of the Ukrainian Carpathians. And this is because of the unique baths originated from the remote past. They look like a wooden house without the roof, where there is a big cast-iron water tank in the middle, full brimmed with the mineral water. The water is warmed up on the open fire. As soon as you are in a water tank, the bath owner enthusiastically begins to add the brushwood into the fire. If you begin to feel that it is too hot, run very fast to the fresh mountain stream to cool the blood.

Eco cheese made using Swiss technologies? Selyska cheese dairy treats you! The cheese dairy was opened more than ten years ago and doesn’t have any equals in Ukraine, being situated near the world-famous Daffodil Valley. Pasturing in the “Alpine” meadows, local cows give eco milk which is used to make organic cheese according to the secret Swiss technologies. Everyone who wishes can watch the process of cheese “birth”, taste the product and experience mini Switzerland, visiting Selyska cheese dairy.

One can see a fair bit of interesting places travelling around Khustshchyna. Itt is both a place for ostrich farming from African Nambia on the northern outskirt of Khust, and a sheep-farm near the village of Roztoka, and one of a kind farm for breeding of dappled der located between the village of Iza and Lypcha.

Kolochava, a picturesque village surrounded by mountains, is located in Tereblianska Valley. The summit ascend of one of the highest Carpathian mountain – Strymby (1719 m) lures with fascinating landscapes, the possibility of enjoying the peace and getting a lungful of fresh mountain air. In summer lush green hillsides are dripped with blueberries and crocuses, and there are a lot of strawberries, raspberries and blackberries in the forest. The generous Carpathians sun warms the crystal-clear streams of the Kolochava and the Tereblia and there are a lot of trout in Kolochavsky lakes, which seduce most eager travelers to go fishing.

Being in Berehove and not visiting wine cellars is the same as visiting Paris without seeing the Eiffel Tower. The winemaking tradition of Berehove is famous for its unique proven by time technologies, being aged in oak barrels. By tradition, the wine is made from quality varieties of grape, keeping the barrels in the ancient cellars, the walls of which are covered with the blast of centuries steeped with medieval romance. The most well-known cellar of Berehove is located in the cliff, where the borders of the Roman Empire stretched in the past times. 

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