The whole world in Ukraine: Top 10 places that resemble foreign destinations

Enjoy Scottish vales and Austrian greenery in Ukraine! All possible with these Ukrainian places resembling foreign destinations giving you an opportunity to live your foreign trip dream without leaving Ukraine.

Plebanovka viaduct

Great beauty viaduct is not far from the village Plebanovka, Ternopil region. Its construction dates back to the times of Austro-Hungarian Empire (1896). Its original form it has retained thanks to robust masonry and massive base. Railway viaduct has 9 arches made ​​of natural stone. Plebanovka viaduct resembles construction in Scottish village Glenfinnan. This place is well-known for being a location in the Harry Potter film series.

Oleshky Sands

It is one of the most striking places in southern Ukraine. Oleshky Sands is the biggest sand area in Ukraine, and some even call it the only desert in Europe. In order to prevent the whole Black Sea region from turning into one big desert, in the 20th century, artificial forests were planted around the sands. Today, spread over a territory of 100,000 hectares, these forests are the largest artificial forests world! The same incredible place can be found in the Middle East, the Sultanate of Oman — Wahiba Sands. It is a home place to the thousands of Bedouins.

Vodianyky village

Wooden windmills in the village Vodianyky village, Cherkasy region resemble the unique collection of 19 authentic windmills in Kinderdijk, Holland. This site is considered a Dutch icon throughout the entire world, being listed on UNESCO World Heritage.

Synevir Lake

Synevir is the largest and one of the most beautiful mountain lakes in the Carpathian Mountains. It is also called "Sea Eye". Looking at the lake from bird’s eye view, picturesque view opens before your eyes - mirror-like water surface among green forests, with a small island in the middle. Synevir is similar to Grüner See (Green Lake) in Austria. The lake is a popular among divers who could observe the green meadows in the edge zone of the lake.


Lviv is the most unusual city in Ukraine, and its most colorful. On one hand, its grandness inspires awe in its guests; on the other, its openness, elegance and inimitable warm atmosphere make this city one of the warmest and most hospitable in Ukraine.  The capital of the country’s west, the city owes its fascinating appearance, reminiscent of Prague, Krakow and Vienna at once, to its bright and dynamic history, which has been changing and developing for over seven and a half centuries.

Palanok Castle

Standing on the town hill, the medieval Palanok Castle with its peaked turrets is the key sight of the ancient Mukachevo. The castle is reminiscent of Burghausen Castle in Germany, dating back to XI century. The bright history of Palanok, kept by dilapidated walls of the once majestic fortress, is definitely worth attention and this priceless monument of the medieval architecture is worth visiting.

Bilhorod-Dnistrovskyi (Akkerman fortress)

Bilhorod-Dnistrovskyi is among the ten most ancient towns in the world, along with Rome and Athens. It’s well-known among the majority of tourists for Akkerman fortress. The fortress was founded on the ruins of the ancient town Tyr and served as good defense. In the late 15th century, however, after a prolonged siege, the fortress surrendered to the Ottomans. The Turks renamed it ‘Akkerman’ (which means 'White Fortress'), and ruled the territory for over 300 years. For over a century, this impressive historical and architectural monument has been protected by the state. The fortress resembles Conwy Castle in Wales.


Ancient Uzhgorod is often called the “window to Europe.” It is little wonder, as it is situated in the heart of Zakarpattia – at the bottom of the majestic Carpathian Mountains and close to the border with Slovakia. Once a year Ukrainian city resembles a beautiful city of Atami (Japan) when splendid Japanese cherry trees and magnolias are blossoming in Uzhgorod.


Zalishchyky (Ternopil region) is an unusual town, located in the ravine of the Dniester, a former Polish resort. The feature of this attrition is that river at one point abruptly bends, forming meanders with this unique town in the middle. Therefore, it can be compared to Saar River in Germany. It rises on the border of Alsace and Lorraine, in France, then flows northward through western Germany. The river, unable to carve a way through the rocks, makes a full 180-degree turn and cuts a deep U-shaped gorge through the thickly wooded mountains. This remarkable hairpin bend located above Mettlach is called the Saar Loop.

Chernivtsi University

This peculiar building charms with its wonderful beauty and majesty. It is the main treasure of Chernivtsi and the pride of the local residents. It is former Bukovinian Metropolitan’s Residence. This exceptional architectural masterpiece, whose construction took 18 years, absorbed elements of Romance and Byzantine styles, and is also flavored with Mauritanian, Gothic, and Bukovinian motifs. Today, several faculties of the Chernivtsi National University occupy the complex. The University has something similar with famous Oxford University in England. 


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