The Crimea in winter: five advantages of the peninsula

Crimea is lovely at any time of the year and many people love it in winter. And there are several reasons for it.

1. Unique climate

You don’t find another place on the planet like Southern Coast of Crimea. It can be compared only with the French Riviera on medical climatic factors of the peninsula. Winter in the Crimea smells the sea.

2. Spring all year round

Something is in bloom at any time of the year in the Crimea, even in winter. The real spring comes in February, when the almond blossoms. On the southern coast of Crimea is always warm (average temperature in January is 5 degrees above zero) and it is almost always sunny (the number of sunny days per year - 250-270). When around the entire Ukraine it is a classic winter weather - cold wind and snowstorms, the weather on the coast is mild and comfortable.

3. There is no need to hurry!

You can visit all the southern coast attractions in the calm and quiet atmosphere. There you’ll find a lot sights to see: Livadia Palace, Alupka Palace and Massandra Palace, Nikitskyi Botanical Garden, museums of Chekhov and Pushkin, Swallow’s Nest, Foros church, etc.

4. Winter entertainments

In Crimea, you can ski only on Angarskyi pass. The local authorities plan to open ski trails during the next two years on Mount Demerdzhi (1239 meters above sea level).

5. Substantial savings

On the southern coast of Crimea prices are much cheaper in hotels from November to April than at the height of the holiday season. Exceptions are Christmas and holidays in May, when prices go up to the level of summer. 

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