Top 9 Crimean wonders or in the arms of nature

  • The Swallow’s Nest

The Crimean peninsula is a unique place to stay every time in every season of the year. This is a place of romance and uniqueness will enrich you with new forces and ideas. It is worth to see these wonders of the Crimea, if you are coming here. We offer you the most charming places of the Crimea.

Ak -Kaia

Ak -Kaia is the rock in the Crimea which is located near the village of Bila Skelia Belogorsk region. The rock formed by erosion and weathering, creating columns, grottoes and oval niches. Because of its unusual form the rock repeatedly was seen on the TV screens in some moviessuch as “Chief of the Red”, “Mirage”, “Chipollino”, “The plane flies to Russia”, “The Witches Cave”, “Escape to the edge of the world” and others.

Arabat Fortress

Arbat is the only Tatar- Turkish fortress of Azov coast in the Crimea, which was built two kilometers to the north-west of the village of Ak- Monai. She covered the Crimea from enemy attacks from the north and east.

Balaklava Bay

Balaklava Bay is one of the bays located within the administrative area of Sevastopol. On the shores of the bay is Balaklava - the ancient city. Curved, beautiful bay is invisible from the sea. The channel protects the bay from strong storms. The main feature of it is limited communication with the open part of the Black Sea.

Ai- Petri

Ai- Petri is a mountain in the Crimean Mountains. There are located routes for climbing and a cable way. This mount calls you to climb on it.

Ghost Valley

Ghost Valley is an area in the Crimea, it’s the concentration of fantastically shaped rocks on the western slope of the southern ridge of the array Demerdzi (near Alushta ) .

Ghost Valley is striking for its unusual landscape. The shapes of Ghost Valley look like the mysterious statues of human beings, animals, mysterious creatures, objects, and depending on the time of day and lightning, their images are changing, giving observers the way for imagination.


“Golden Gate” is a coastal rock arch in the Black Sea. “Golden Gate” (mount Kara- Dag) is the most famous ancient volcanic rock; it’s the biggest attraction and symbol. This picturesque rock attracts tourists every year.

The Swallow’s Nest

The Swallow’s Nest is a monument of architecture and history, located in the village of Livadia. The Swallow’s Nest has become a kind of symbol of the southern coast and attracts many foreign tourists from year to year.

Marble Cave

Marble Cave is a popular tourist destination. The uniqueness of the Marble cave brought her worldwide fame. It’s among the top five most beautiful caves in the world. This is one of the most visited caves in Europe. The length of tour routes is about one and a half kilometer.


Roman -Kosh - the highest mountain of the Crimean Mountains, it is composed of limestone. Today, Roman-Kosh is a conservancy area.

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