Fortress of Dubno (Tarakanovskiy Fort)

Complex military and political circumstances in Ukraine in XVIII - XIX century contributed to the building of fortifications - fortress of Dubno in Rovno region (Tarakanovskiy fort in the nation). It was built with the main aim to protect the rail road Lvov - Kiev and was a concrete-earth fortification.

 Tarakanovskiy fort is rectangular-shaped construction resembling a rhombus more.  Its walls were about 240 m. Outside the castle is surrounded by a wide and deep moat. In the middle of the fort there was a two-story building, to which a long stone tunnel was dug and preserved till our time. The building had the residential, storage and utility rooms for companies of artillery and headquarters commandant of the fort. Along the perimeter of the fort there were so-called safe casemates, which could accommodate 800 people. In total, there were 105 casemates of the fort, each of which had its clear mission: to combat operations, business, warehouse, hospital, operating room, the room with wells and more. The net of underground passages arranged with loopholes for bombardment under Tarakanovskiy fort is impressive. In Dubno fortress there was one artillery company and two infantry.

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