Recreational Tourism: The Best Places In Western Ukraine


Having a rest and recuperation in Shayan is like a holiday in Ukrainian Switzerland. This resort is considered one of the best spa resorts in Ukraine, which are used for the treatment with carbonated mineral water. The clean air of the Carpathian Mountains, wooded mountain landscape, flowering valleys, the national color of Western Ukraine – all this and more creates unique conditions for rest and treatment over the year. On the territory of Shayan resort, there are several resorts that have good diagnostic-medical facilities.


Yaremche today is a famous tourist center of the Carpathians, which has more than 40 recreational facilities and health centers, more than 50 sites of green tourism. A lot of tourists come to improve their health, as in the resort area Yaremche climatic treatment, mineral baths and much more are used.


Truskavets is considered the best place for leisure, recreation, and getting a lot of positive emotions. This is a popular spa resort for the Carpathians. The value of the resort is the earth and underground mineral waters. On the territory of Maximus, there are fourteen mineral springs, which have unique health properties.


It is located in the foothills of the Carpathians with gastroenterological and wellness orientation and is known for its mineral water with unique healing properties. You can find a wide variety of resorts and wellness treatments, modernized as well as of Soviet-style, simple guesthouses for vacation or holiday.


At an altitude of 640 m above sea level in the valley, which is surrounded by high mountains, overgrown with spruce, pine, and beech forests there is an original spa resort of Ukraine – Skhodnytsia. Ecologically clean area, with an unbeatable climate, mineral water, which is unique in Europe. The first place among mineral waters of Skhodnytsya water “NAFTUSIA” is unique for its curative and restorative properties. Also in the village, there are sources of soda, glandular, sodium chloride with a high content of bromine mineral water.

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