Everything starts in Kyiv

With its hills furnished against exuberant panorama. With the spellbinding Dnipro, its sand-lined green islands, long-stretching bridges.

Lviv - open to the world

The grandeur of enigmatic and magnificent city Lviv, its beautiful buildings, the spirit of coffee houses creates the atmosphere of an earthly paradise.

Chernivtsi - like an aging wine…

Chernivtsi is showered with lush blossom and sunshine. You feel like doing nothing but strolling, enjoying every moment of beauty, absorbing all scents and sounds.

Odessa - the city of plenty

Odessa’s charm is a fusion of different cultures that have influenced the architecture, humor and spirit of people and food traditions of the city.

Uman - the romantic nook

Uman as “beautiful Greece in miniature” makes dive into the world of an amazing natural treasure, marvelous landscapes, fairytale grottoes, mirror-like ponds, and fantastic sculptures.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Gastronomic tourism: City Festival of Cheese and Wine broke records

III City Festival of Cheese and Wine was held on these days. Tons of cheese, the best wine and thousands of gourmets made unforgettable atmosphere on the Market Square in Lviv. A variety of wine from Italian to the Transcarpathian, large wine press, wine tasting, portraits by wine, wine mail, public sale and restaurant where guests were treated with risotto with parmesan.
Summing up its records, III City of Cheese and Wine turned to be the main gastronomic event of this autumn. This fact is confirmed by the figures:

123 thousands of Lviv residents visited this event;

              15 200 liters of wine were drunk; 

7 500 tons of cheese and 8 353 of cheese horses were sold;

 Lviv wine post sent 2739 letters, 258 of them were sent to Italy;

Festival treated its guests with 200 kg curd fritter;   
 Special stamp “Festival of Cheese and Wine” was issued;

Ton of grape was turned down in the juice from which wine would be made;


                                           Nearly 500 portraits were drawn by wine;

10 music bands performed on the stage of the festival;

             5 wine tastings were held in which 40 participants took part;

1220 festival goblets for mulled wine were bought.

The organizer of the festival was company “Dick-Art"

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

New Tourist Information Center was opened in Kyiv

Kyiv Tourist Information Center (TIC) was opened on September 27. Its main peculiarity is that it takes place in the tram, to be more precise TIC is stylized as a tram.  New service gives information about the places of interest in the capital, where to stay and eat, possibility to reserve airline and/or railway tickets.

The information is available in foreign languages.  There is Wi-Fi and laptops which be used by anyone. “We will be working for everybody. Everyone can receive all information in which he is interested in.  Database is very large” - said one of the activists. According to the idea, “tram” should have been the part of the unique information complex, directed to the tourists.

Friday, September 28, 2012

Dancing fountains. It is not in Dubai. It is in Ukraine!

Only when the shades of evening begin descending, Vinnytsia meets the guests with amazing interweaving of water, music, ballet and flowers. Exactly so, dancing fountain ROSHEN in Vinnytsia is characterized. The light and music fountain is one of the most beautiful European fountains nowadays. It is the only floating fountain in Ukraine as well.

The height of the central jet reaches 65-70 meters, the wheel expansion is about 140 meters, while the size of the formed water splashes and dust projection screen is about 16 to 45 meters. It is equipped itself on a floating platform about 95 meters in length. It has 67 pumps for the fountain effect and another 30 for maintenance of ballast systems. 560 underwater lights are in the fountain which can change color in any way depending on the show program.

Dancing fountain with light and laser show takes place exclusively at night, and it is not by chance, because only when the shades of evening begin to descend, one can enjoy watching this unforgettable show. The most famous songs and melodies are selected as musical accompaniment: music by Mozart, Strauss, Smetana, and Beethoven.

Tourist plans of Ukraine

The Crimean peninsula still remains the main tourist region of Ukraine. If believe Ukrainian and Crimean authorities, in the next years several great and expensive tourist projects will be carried out on the territory of the peninsula. They will allow not only making Crimea the tourist leader among the other region of Ukraine but making it the international resort.

One of such projects is the foundation of an industrial park “New Crimea” in    Dzhankoy. The building of such objects is the part of the national development of the country. According to the idea, “New Crimea” is going to be the heart of industrial objects, agricultural production and office center as well. The round area in 25 hectare has been already confirmed. Nearly 20 million of USD is needed for the realization of the project, the major part of which will be foreign investments.

Another tourist object is eco-resort “Balaklava Green”.  It will combine 4 independent regions and turn to be the resort of international level: building of hotels, motels, camping in total number of 22 objects with3,5 thousand rooms is planned here. Also complex will include cottages, apartments and town-houses, large retail, touristic, leisure and sport area.

In the list of the most expensive projects  tourist city with the well-developed infrastructure with hotels, restaurants, leisure and sports grounds will be added. The location is near Yevpatoria. The complex will include large yachting sea-piece with 1500 moorings, 4 stars hotel with 900 rooms. Besides, there will be new complex “Crimea Grand Prix” with up-to-date racing way in the length of 5 km

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Odesa welcomed Queen Victoria

Odesa welcomed Queen Victoria. It means one of the most luxurious cruise ships British liner “Queen Victoria”. This beautiful 294-meter liner touched at Odesa port on September 22. There were nearly 2 000 passengers on the board. They spent a day in Odesa, visiting Odesa Opera House.

Such event is surely to have a positive impact on Ukrainian tourism. “Every passenger, having arrived on the board spends nearly 150-200 EUR, - informed the manager of Odesa sea port Yuriy Vaskov. - Taking into consideration that the passengers of “Queen Victoria” are well-to-do people from Europe and America, this is an effective advertisement of Ukraine at the international tourist arena. 

“Queen Victoria” is not only cruise ship which called at Odesa port. There are two liners which are going to visit Ukraine: “Costa Atlantica” (Italy, September 26) and “Deutschland” (Germany, October 1)


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