In the far west of the Crimean Peninsula, you can find a picturesque and romantic place and “The Mecca of divers” – the Tarkhankut peninsula. Because of the steep bank, Tarkhankut is the least populated territory of Crimea. That is why this part of the Crimea is the ecological land of the Black Sea.

In the past, there have often been shipwrecks. Here you can still find an amphora, ancient weapons, coins and other things from those ships. So many divers are obsessed with the hope of archaeological finds. In addition, there is the underwater museum in 70 meters from the shore, at a depth of 13 meters.

How to get there: get here by car or by bus. The most convenient way is to travel to Yevpatoria. There is the road to Tarkhankut. The way by public transport will be with transfers. It is necessary to get to Simferopol by train; there take a bus or train to Yevpatoria. Here go by bus to Olenevka.

Where to stay: many tourists coming to Tarhankut prefer to live on the beach in tents. In Olenevka you can live comfortably, enjoying all the benefits of civilization. In addition, there are many guesthouses and small hotels.

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