The museum of chocolate “Chocolate Country”

Museum “Country Shokolandiya” in Lviv is not just a place with interesting sweet exhibits, but the world of unforgettable impressions where everyone can try something new and discover something extraordinary. Lviv is famous for its chocolate. You can try it in a four-storied chocolate museum, which combines a cafe and a shop. The chocolate museum is located in the Italian courtyard at Rynok Square for residents and visitors of the town.

You will be impressed not only by chocolate exhibits, but also by the participation in tasting sweets for free. The half-hour tours are available. They reveal more secrets about the production of chocolate. A visit to the chocolate museum “AVK” has become a must-see destination for tourists. The museum welcomes guests from 10 a.m. to 19 p.m. during all days of the week except Wednesday. This is also a mobile museum, which travels and shows its works in different cities of Ukraine.

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