Summer season in Ukraine: sum up travel success of June

Days of June have been already over, it's time to sum up its travel success. Thought this summer began not so “football” as the past one, there was a lot of significant events in June 2013.

After a sensational last year's football championship, the world got to know Ukraine as an exotic country, where there are a lot of places to visit and opportunities to have a rest without any prejudice to the budget. Kiev surprised by the extraordinary cheapness of cafes, restaurants and a cheap public transportation and became the most popular city for weekend tours among Russians.The visitors of the international travel portal VirtualTourist unanimously admitted Lvov as European city #1 to see right now. Odessa became the first port from which cruise programme “The Black Sea Six Resort Capitals” has started. The undisputed leader in the top of tourist destinations of Ukraine is the Crimea. The resort peninsula in June has already received a millionth tourist.

Ukrainians themselves in the first month of summer have preferred having rest on the resorts of Turkey, Greece, Bulgaria and Croatia which have become available not only in price.In early June, the new players on the "air field" of Ukraine became the nine airlines that have opened 60 new routes, some of which connects Ukraine with the world-famous resorts.

Those who could resist the "Turkish" prices for holidays in Goa, the Greek "multishengen" stayed in Ukraine. And for good reason! Indeed, in June, Ukraine became a concert venue for global stars: The PRODIGY, Lana Del Rey and the legendary Depeche Mode. For true fans of rock music June presented festivals “Stare Misto” (Lvov) and Rock'n'Sich (Kiev). The gourmets tried to find secrets of Lvov’s cuisine during festivals "Lvov on the plate."

That was in June - the first month of summer. But there are still two months, just as fascinating and eventful.

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