The best ideas for winter holidays in Ukraine

It’s not much time left before the New Year and Christmas and for those who want to travel anywhere on winter holidays they have to hurry to plan a vacation. Ukrainian tour operators allow you to choose the rest for the affordable price or those that cost a pretty penny.

Poltava and Volyn carols or the winter in Crimea

For those who want to travel on Christmas and New Year and see new places, they can find some good places in Ukraine. From new programs of this year there is a bus tour for four days visiting the castles of Volyn and Western Ukraine with two nights in Ternopil and two nights in Lutsk. It will cost a little more than 2000 UAH per person and the price includes almost everything.

The program takes place in the picturesque Skansen-museum in the Ukrainian hut in the village. Guests are invited to the Ukrainian authentic hut where the Christmas table is set for you. Afterwards, the guests will listen to the singing of Christmas carols. You also will have the chance to sing Christmas songs and join to the traditional Christmas entertainments.

Feel the spirit of Christmas in Lviv

A special Christmas atmosphere can be felt in Lviv. This trip will cost less than 1000 UAH per person, including three nights’ accommodation in a hotel, city tours and Christmas celebration program.

Western Ukraine, Poltava and Kamianets –Podilskyi are still popular touristic directions among the Ukrainian tourists. There is the opportunity to visit the holiday of St. Nicholas for those who plan to travel with children - a trip to the picturesque Carpathian village.

The price of the tours around Ukraine during the winter holidays has changed comparing with the last year. If the cost of tour services does not change significantly from year to year, the price of transportation and hotel rose this year by 20-30%.

The wishes of Ukrainians have changed somewhat. In general, people want to go to unknown places, and they do not want to visit the same places in Ukraine.

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