Vorontsov Palace Museum has received a unique gift worth 5 mln euro

Vorontsov Palace-Museum in the Crimea, which is popular among the tourists, received a unique collection of Ukrainian, Russian and Crimean artists of the past century as a gift. The collection consists of 156 paintings. Crimean art specialists valued it at 5,000,000 Euros. Botany professor of Ukraine Vitaliy Golubev presented this collection. He believes that the collection, which he collected tens of years, is the dignity and heritage of all humanity. These pictures cannot belong to one person. A unique collection of Golubev is a miniature of Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow, as it presents different artists and trends. This is the second gift from professor of botany to the museum. The last time Vitaliy Golubev gave 204 paintings.


Tags: Crimea , tourism
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