Balaklava is considered to be the most popular Crimean resort. Owing to the amazing landscapes, it attracts tourists from all over the world.

This fairytale place was always steeped in legends and mysteries. It is connected with adventures of Homer’s Odyssey, the treasures of the English steamer “Prince” whose remains lie at the bottom of the harbor. Balaklava was the stage for grisly battles that shaped the destiny of different states.

During the Crimean War, English forces were stationed at Balaklava. Englishmen built wonderful boardwalk, opened shops, pubs, hotels. At that time, Balaklava was called “Little London.” A memorial plaque, "Balaklava 1854," is in the British capital today. After World War II a secret naval base, the so-called ‘Object 825,’ was built here.

Tourists are attracted not only by the splendid landscapes and the ancient history of this area, but also by its gorgeous beaches and terrific views of Cape Aya. Yachtsmen like this place as well. By the way, for the abundance of moored luxury yachts in the bay Balaklava is called Ukrainian Monte Carlo.

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