House of Legends is a mysterious and enigmatic, cloaked in in mystical charms house, which gives insight into the ancient legends of the old city.

At the entrance visitors are welcomed by the legendary Lviv sweep, the amazing stories that will impress even the most pragmatic customers.

The facade of the house stands out from the surrounding buildings for refined decor. The level of the first floor from the outside is decorated with an interesting design with simulated small cruise boat that moves from one palace to another, one has only to pull the handle just above the entrance to the establishment. There is a large clock above, which is only in the city shows true Lviv’s time.And even higher – bizarre dragon, like making his way through the impregnable wall of a building, bursting into the streets of the old city.

However, the exciting adventures await you inside.When once you cross the threshold of the house, your visit to the ordinary restaurant turns into a fascinating journey to another mystical world of the mysterious city of Lviv.

Another advantage of the House of Legends is its famous an observation deck on the roof where youwi find winged machine with oars and a figure of chimney sweep sitting on the tube home and look forward to when one throws a coin into the hat. It is believed that the one who can throw a considerable distance penny in his hat, bring home a piece of the Lviv happiness and success.

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