This amazing necropolis is one of the oldest in Europe. It is older than its well-known "fellows"- the Parisian Père Lachaisein and London’s Highgate. The Lychakiv Cemetery is rightfully called an outdoor museum, incredibly beautiful masterpieces of sculpture and architecture amaze the visitors from all over the world with their striking uniqueness. More than 500 sculptures and headstones made in different style and more than 2000 tombs are built here!

Since 1786 only very rich people could find peace there as their relatives were not greedy for expressing their sorrow and mourning in such a sculptural and architectural beauty. Signs on the headstones were carved in German, Serbian, Italian, Polish, Armenian, Latin, Ukrainian, Hebrew and Russian. In addition this cemetery is well known for of its extremely interesting stories and legends, connected with famous people. Representatives of honorable Austrian, Polish and Ukrainian families rest there. Lychakiv Cemetery is a museum of emotive sculptures in the open air. 

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