In a small town Artemivsk in Donetsk there is an amazing huge natural treasure on the 300 m depth – it is a magnificent world of a salt cave. Appearing there, you seem to be breathing in entirely different air and seem to be in the entirely different world in general. You step on the bottom of an ancient sea, in the very depth of its layers which reckon 280 million years! You may also wander along salt galleries and huge salt halls under oval salt vaults. On the strength salt halls are not worse than stone, that’s why the salt, extracted in the salt cave is called “stone” one. The main dignity of the cave is a large salt hall for it is possible to watch a unique phenomenon – sound effects cloud! Beside that you can see a photo of ancient winds, which blew millions years ago. Also in the cave there is a real weather calendar of those distant times, to which you can even touch.

Floors, trees, walls and ceiling of the mine are made of salt. There are also figures from salt, made by local skillful masters. Among all of them there is a very beautiful salt palm, which is an analogy to “Martsalova” palm – the symbol of Donbas.

In 2003 the very first ballooning of “hopper” type was officially registered in the Guinness Book of Records, which had been flowing underground for 4 hours! It’s an amazing world to see when you go to Ukraine

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