There is a place in the centre of Kyiv, which is hidden from the crowded streets by houses from the one side and pleasant to the eye by breathtaking view of historic Kyiv and mighty Dnieper from the other. It is the Landscape alley, having become stamping ground for Kyiv residents and exciting walking itinerary for tourists.  

Alley is located on the Old Kyiv Hill, which was the centre of ancient Kyiv long ago. Today, walking along the Ukrainian capital, turn off from the crowded Velyka Zhytomyrska Street to the stone arch and you find yourself in the world of childhood, fairy tale and imagination. On the one hand you get magnificent view on Podil, Dnieper River and Castle Hill (Zamkova Hora).

On the other, bizarre beasts and fantastic characters “live” there which fascinate both children and adults. In addition to the cute benches as a rabbit, cat, crow, covered with mosaic, you can see the angels on the pillows, “cheerful elephant” fountain, zebras in love. There is 30 meters “cat-centipede” along the wall. Climb up to his mouth and made the original pseudo-extreme photo of yourself in the jaws of a giant blue cat.

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