The Tauric Chersonese

The Chersonese is a unique monument of antiquity on the territory of modern Ukraine. It is recognized as one of Seven Wonders of Ukraine and was listed to the UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

The excavations of the Chersonese on the territory of modern Sevastopol started only in the middle in XIX century. “Ukrainian Troy” – in such way researchers named the Chersonese. Owing to archeologists’ work, houses, streets, squares, temples, workshops, wineries, the mint, and towers, as a phoenix-bird, revived again. The necessity to preserve such unique findings became the reason for creating the Tauric Chersonese National Preserve on the ancient city’s territory.

Today on the preserve’s territory, you can walk along the old city’s main street, residential quarters, and squares; see the underground temple-mausoleum; admire the ruins of ancient theatre, a basilica - the city’s most mysterious temples and tower ruins.

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