Extreme Tourism: What Kind Of Vacation Youth Prefers

Ukraine is known to the whole world as a magnificent resort area, but passive recreation by the sea has ceased to be the ultimate dream today. Only the older generation and families with small children prefer to buy a ticket to a sanatorium and bask on the beach.

But such a vacation is completely unsuitable for young people. Young people are looking for a good shake-up after long months of boring office work. Already at the end of winter, they begin to consider options for extreme tourism in order to buy appropriate equipment before summer. You can study the range of Ukrainian stores offering goods for tourism on the analytical website price.ua. It tracks prices, allowing consumers to compare products of different companies in the price.ua catalog and buy equipment for tourism at the best price.

According to price.ua, tents and sleeping bags are among the most popular items for tourism among young people. Traveling savages, this equipment is indispensable. Moreover, you can buy them inexpensively: the average cost of a two-person tent is about 300 hryvnia, a bag - about 200.

Consider how active youth rest today.

Stalking - tourism in places frozen in time

One of the unusual types of tourism is stalking - acquaintance with abandoned buildings, villages, cities, all of whose inhabitants have died out or were evicted to another place. This is the most real travel in time because you can see with your own eyes the atmosphere of the last century, feel the spirit of a ghost town. In Ukraine, you can buy a tour of the Chernobyl zone, where life has come to a standstill due to the accident at the nuclear power plant. By the way, it is not safe to go on such tours as savages. You never know what kind of collapse can occur in a dilapidated factory or high-rise building. Therefore, experienced stalkers try to buy equipment that increases the safety of movement, for example, multitools (folding knives with many functions). If necessary, they can bite a wire, cut a rope, open canned food, etc. You can buy a multitool in Ukrainian stores for 200-400 hryvnias.

“Cossacks-robbers”: war games in a new way

Young people love to play “war” not only in the virtual world.¬†They are looking for similar emotions during summer tourism.¬†Buy such a tour is offered by many Ukrainian agro-estates, which have begun to practice this type of entertainment for guests, such as paintball, laser tag, or airsoft. The essence of all these games is to “kill” the opposing team.¬†For this, special weapons and equipment are issued.¬†The difference between these games is in the “stuffing” of the weapon: in paintball, the bullets are colored balls of gelatin.¬†In airsoft, they shoot ordinary plastic balls, and for laser tagging, pistols that hit with a laser have been developed.

Zorbing - tourism with the feeling of flying

The most daring tourists try this kind of recreation as zorbing.¬†They climb into unusual equipment - a transparent polyurethane ball and roll down a mountain or on a pond.¬†Inside the zorb (ball) there is a smaller ball.¬†It is in it that the tourist is ‚Äúpacked‚ÄĚ, fixing it with special equipment - slings and belts.¬†The sensations while driving are very exciting, like on a roller coaster.¬†But this type of tourism is still considered unsafe due to injuries that vacationers can get if the equipment bursts or bursts while driving.¬†Only experienced firms can buy a zorbing license.

It is better to plunge into extreme rest under the guidance of specially trained people. This will maximize your enjoyment and reduce the risk of accidental injury.

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