Five Of The Best Places For Family Vacations In Ukraine

In almost every region of Ukraine, there are unexplored interesting places that are worth visiting. Ukraine is good because here you can relax on the sea, in the mountains, and in cities.¬†Participants of the ”¬†Known in Ukraine¬†” project recommend the five most attractive places for families with children.

Kolochava, Mizhgirya district of the Transcarpathian region

Kolochava is a unique Transcarpathian “resort”, a village of 10 museums, each of which is really interesting.¬†For example, in the open-air museum “Old Village”, mothers examine a collection of old “Louboutins” in a local leather workshop, fathers study the device of old cars and other cunning vintage equipment, children run all over the place and announce the space with joyful screams.¬†And then they all have a fun dinner together in one of the authentic cafes nearby.¬†Well, they ride on a local rare narrow-gauge railway - a sacred cause recommended for the whole family.

The famous parrot reserve - the only private poultry farm in Ukraine with more than 2000 breeds of parrots and pigeons - will cause genuine delight among children. A bee clinic (here you can improve the emotional background and arrange a noble honey shopping) and a trout farm (where you can choose the best fish together with your child to fry it on the grill at home in the evening) will welcome you no less cordially.

If you are traveling for a long time, you will have time to admire Synevyr (30 km) and take your child to a sheep breeder’s school on the top of Strymba Mountain (children from 13 years old can climb it, it will be more difficult for the younger ones).

There are no problems with food - local housewives in “sadybs” will cook delicious food for the whole family for a small fee, and all the wishes of anxious mothers about a healthy children‚Äôs menu will be taken into account.

White Lake, Rivne region

This is an incredibly beautiful lake of karst origin with a high content of glycerin, which translated into ‚Äúhuman‚ÄĚ language means: the bottom is sandy white, the water is soft and healthy.¬†And for both children and adults.¬†After bathing in the White Lake, the skin becomes unusually soft, does not require additional moisture, moreover, the water heals problem areas and provides an extremely even and strong tan.

This is a special place for families with children who love to splash and dive more than anything else: the depth of the lake for more than 50 meters from the shore is not more than half a meter, the water warms up quickly, and the forest surrounding the lake from all sides protects the shores from the wind.¬†Therefore, even though the rest on the White Lake is only the White Lake, without any interesting excursions, we give it the second place: a spacious open beach with playgrounds for sports games and trees for shade, a pier with boats and catamarans, from which it is not scary to fall out, because it is shallow, a huge territory of the adjoining base where you can play hide and seek, reserved places for fishing … All this will make your vacation unforgettable, and we can safely count the “untwisted” place, the relative lack of people and silence as bonuses.

Ust-Chorna, Tyachiv district of the Transcarpathian region

Ust-Chorna (earlier - Koenigsfeld, “royal field”) is a real ecological health resort of Ukraine.¬†The air here is crystal clear and of exceptional health.

For a forest walk with the whole family along the trail of 20 waterfalls, we recommend taking a basket of food and not taking water: you can drink it straight from the purest stream.¬†The waterfalls flow into one another, forming peculiar fonts among the stones - small lakes, here called “jacuzzi”.¬†You can and should swim in them!

In the same places, there is the most beautiful meadow of Transcarpathia - Polonyna Krasnaya, rich in herbs, blueberries, cloudberries, and all herbs and roots are known to alternative medicine. And while your children are running around the expanses of their native country, you admire the views, grill barbecue, or climb Gyson Gavor - a small hill right there, in the meadow.

Gayson Gavor is not a simple mountain, but one that opens ‚Äúall the upper doors‚ÄĚ - this is how the name is translated.¬†Local Aksakals believe that the wishes voiced there will certainly be fulfilled.

And also - horseback riding, ATVs, carriages, a picnic in a forester’s hut, sleeping on a fragrant meadow, and mineral springs - what you should definitely try in Ust-Chornaya. But the local beach will cause special joy for children: a lake with a waterfall of two human height, surrounded by peacefully grazing well-groomed goats.

Slavske, Skole district, Lviv region

Despite the fact that traditionally Slavske is a winter resort, in summer it is no less interesting here. Stunning views, grass meadows, the Opir and Slavskaya rivers, and the most beautiful peaks of the Carpathians - Trostyan, Vysoky Verkh, Zvorets, Menchil with many springs and waterfalls will make up your summer Carpathian route. It is in Slavske that there are special trails in the mountains for mountain biking and a large number of routes for ATVs.

Horses are not forgotten either, and local stables also offer family tours in low mountains, adapted to the needs and capabilities of the child.

In addition to natural entertainment, there are several large hotel complexes in Slavskoe, which offer such infrastructure and a list of entertainment that even if you come for the whole summer, your every day, if you wish, will not be like another.¬†For example, ‚ÄúZakhar Berkut‚ÄĚ has its own cable car, ‚ÄúSlavyanka‚ÄĚ has a large heated pool with a view of the mountain range, ‚ÄúVezha Vedmezha‚ÄĚ has a huge rope park for children, a paintball club and its own curve.

And in the evening, when children all over the country see their first colorful dream, mothers and fathers, tormented by active daytime rest, drink their well-deserved glass of cold wine on the terrace of a cafe overlooking the mountain range.

Bakotskaya inflow, Kamyanets-Podilsky district, Khmelnytsky region

The natural reserve in the vicinity of Kamyanets-Podilsky is loved by Ukrainians for its special microclimate - there is always more sun and less wind, because Bakota is reliably protected from the outside world by white rocks. In one of them, the remains of the Mikhailovsky Cave Monastery are still preserved, and not only have survived but continue to be a place of pilgrimage.

The range of entertainment is small but never boring: motorboats, on which you can ride along with the inflow (you can and should - otherwise you will see the opposite shore, which is definitely worth seeing and admiring), catamarans, a pier for desperate diving, swimming in the lake, all kinds of fishing (there is no such thing as a catch!) and photo hunting - is this not enough for a real well-played team?

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