Vishnevetsky Palace

Vishnevetsky Palace is the main residence of a noble family, which ceased to exist in the XVIII century, just at the time when the palace became a modern form of restructuring. The palace looks quite luxurious and impressive to every visitor. It was built in the classical style with elements of the French Renaissance by the last of the Vishnevetsky family, large Polish tycoon Mikhail Servatsky. Polish, French, and Ukrainian architects have been working for 30 years on the building of the castle. Vishnevetsky palace consists of several buildings grouped together in times of restructuring. On the ground floor of the palace, there was the Hall of Mirrors in the length of 80 meters – an exact copy of a mirrored hall of Versailles. Near the palace, there were three gardens planted that cascaded down to the beautiful river.

Vishnevetsky estate turned into a first-class magnate residence in the late Rococo style with a fine art gallery, when was in the hands of the Mnishek family, the Vishnevetsky relatives. At the time of their ruling, the palace turned into the most luxurious ones in the Volyn region. One day, after a visit to the palace, Honore de Balzac called it a “little Versailles”. Today, the palace is a subsidiary of the Reserve “Castles of Ternopil”, a complete renovation is held, an exhibition, and guided tours.


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