The "Arcadia" Area appeared in the late XIX century thanks to the efforts of the Belgian owner of Odessa, Racetrack Kambia, which is located in the wild seaside valley and is place to rest. This area along the sea shore was named in honor of the legendary Arcadia, a country just of the quiet and idyllic life. Arcadia when translated from the Greek means "heavenly gate".

200 years later Odessa and Arcadia is a picturesque place with its numerous beaches, spas, hotels, expensive clubs, the best DJs, a fantastic beach holiday. Arcadia is a place where everyone can find enjoyment and entertainment to their liking; every day and night it is teeming with life. Arcadia in the daytime is golden sandy beaches, European style beach clubs, the warm sea and cozy restaurants; where you can taste the most varied cuisine and exotic cocktails.

Arcadia Night clubbing is the heart of Odessa. Numerous discos and night clubs offer a huge selection of music formats and price points. Restaurants, murmur of the sea, the atmosphere is that of an ongoing celebration and is a paradise for lovers of night life.

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