Travel around Ukraine: Bile Ozero, Rivne region

Bile Ozero in Rivne region became one first itinerary, about which we knew nothing expect its karst background – it looks a true white from bird's eye view.

 Location & Road

We got to our destination from the side of Rudka village that’s in Rivne region. The road from the nearest town of Kuznetsovka to Rudka is to say terrible means to say nothing: 155 km of which we divided into the following sectors:

  • 155 km to Bile Ozero  is a highway with potholes not more than 1 per 10 meters and not more than 5 in one area;
  • 60 km to Bile Ozero - “exaggerated” horror – potholes, but acceptable;
  • 30 km to Bile Ozero  - “hellish” horror, but any car can go at speeds up to 50 km/h.

Assessment​ - 5

Characteristics of the Discovery

Bile Ozero is a lake of youth and it’s not a joke. Here there is the highest content of glycerol in water - 6.37 mg /l - and the water is very soft to the touch. It’s unnecessary to dry after bathing, take advantage of enjoying of that feeling.  

Speaking the language of “dry” facts, area of the lake is 450 ha with 26 meters of maximum depth. Within 50 meters from the bank the depth is not higher of your knees. Taking into consideration sandy bottom, place is typically childish.

Assessment​  - 10


Excluding exotic types of accommodation (in private houses of the nearest village), there are only two alternatives of accommodation you can take advantage of in Bile Ozero.

Option 1

Monopolist in Bile Ozero is a health center “ROK” for workers of Rivne’s NPP. But it doesn’t mean that only workers can rest there. They welcome everyone – Kyiv, Odesa, Zaporizhia residents, anyone! The infrastructure is limited by canteen, accommodation of two types – double for couples and family ones (for 3 person), boats & catamarans renting, volleyball court, playgrounds for children and, what is more important – lake itself. Cost per person is 200 UAH, including accommodation and full-board.

Option 2

Just across the street from ROK’s main entrance there is a camping area – wonderful place to sleep in tents for 20 UAH. No infrastructure! But this fact can be made up for countless number of fish - delicious eel, carp, pike and perch.

Assessment​  - 4

Family Holiday

This place is just what you are looking for family holidays.

Assessment​  - 10


Looks poor, but clear! Material and technical base is 50 years old if not more. In canteen they serve an instant coffee and the most delicious tea in faceted glasses. That all is a peculiarity of this place.

Assessment​  - 7

Wi-Fi & Mobile

There is no Internet connection there. Mobile communication of all operators works well. Mobile Internet is weak - words will come, photography - is unlikely.

Assessment​  - 1


Like an angel on the wing.

Assessment​  - 10


You are welcomed! It’s incredibly beautiful here. Infrastructure is weak, but if you want luxury, then bring it with you. If you come here for two weeks, then come back happy, fresh, young, wondering what a great discoveries Ukraine has!

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