Unusual Ideas for Holiday-Makers

To spend New Year and Christmas holidays in the Carpathians is a holiday itself. Nowadays in addition to wonderful ski pleasure, the Carpathians offer extraordinary ideas:


In addition to the traditional ski resorts, thrill-seekers are offered to celebrate the New Year in the open-air warm pool in Beregovo town. The temperature in the water geyser exceeds 50 degrees, but it is cooled in the pool to 30. In addition, it is an unusual way to celebrate the New Year, it’s also a great opportunity to improve your health. Thermal spring has healing properties. Moreover, this New Year’s entertainment is very inexpensive - about 50 UAH.


Lumshory is one of the most picturesque places of the Ukrainian Carpathians. By its fame, it is obliged to unique bathing huts of the XVI century. They look like a wooden hut without a roof with a cast-iron tank filled with mineral water up to the top. Water is heated in an open fire. As soon as you climb into the water, the owner of the bathing hut starts adding firewood with great enthusiasm. He adds – you boil!


The village Verkhovyna offers to celebrate the New Year with Hutsul according to all traditions of this holiday. The locals gladly acquaint tourists with traditions at the holiday cheer with Ukrainian national dishes and beverages.


Serene settlement is the only Transcarpathian place that boasts wine cellars of the XVI century, recognized by UNESCO as one of the Top-10 cellars of Europe.  Cellars make themselves a peculiar town. “Underground streets” own names devoted to the names of private winemakers who rent individual plots of cellars till 1946. The guests of wine cellars are offered an exciting tour with wine tasting and delicious meal of Hutsul cuisine.

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