The best places of Odessa for walking at weekends

Hard frosts don’t disturb the southern city Odessa that’s why it is possible to walk along streets and interesting places of the city.

Gottsman’s Yard

After the release of the series of Sergei Ursuliak “Liquidation” the yard on Kolontaevska Street, where the home of the protagonist was filmed, has become a popular tourist attraction. Residents even painted the house number, but it did not help. The tourists keep coming.

Shevchenko Park

The old oak is planted in the park personally by Alexander II. Once Gogol, Pushkin, Dostoyevsky, Ostrovsky, Akhmatova, Chekhov were walking through the local alleys. However, the main advantage of the park is that - it has a beautiful view of the sea.

The house with the longest balcony in Europe

At the corner of Katerynyska and Hrecheska Streets there is the house once belonged to a wealthy landlord of Odessa Fedor Mavrokordato. Facade of the building at the level of the third floor surrounds a very long balcony. It is believed that he is the longest in Europe. Once there lived doctors, engineers and assistant attorney. Now it is a residential building with administrative offices.

Palais Royal

The French name “Palais Royal” was given to a shopping complex with a garden and theater in the 1840. Once orchestras and theater troupes, artists gave concerts there. Now it is one of the most picturesque parts of Odessa with a fountain, old trees, benches and a coffee shop Salieri.

Soborna Square

One of the main areas of Odessa has the shape of a pentagon. Here you can buy souvenirs and paintings of Odessa artists; you may enjoy the attractions, ride a pony or play dominoes. In the center of the square there is the Odessa Orthodox Cathedral - the largest Orthodox Church in Odessa and in the northern part there is a monument to Prince Vorontsov.

Pryvoz Market

It is the most famous market of Odessa that was built in 1827. It is named for the fact that there were mainly imported goods. Traders behind the counters are from many different locations and you have to bargain there with them to buy something. By the way, you can just come here and have breakfast, because when you enter the market everybody proposes you to taste their “tasty goods”. It’s quite normal there.

Teschin Bridge

Officially the long and narrow footbridge in Odessa still called Komsomolsky, but people call it “Teschin”. People say that in 1960 the head of the region Mykhailo Synytsia instructed to build a bridge between the Prymorsky Boulevard and Gogol Street to walk to his mother-in-law to eat pancakes.

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