Bukinsky Canyon

170 km away from Ukraine Kyiv’s capital, there is an exotically exciting place, which is included into one hundred of the most beautiful Ukraine places and is on the second place of the rating “Seven Wonders of Ukraine” – Buka canyon. This is truly a paradise: a little known to tourists, with clear, pure water of the Gorniy Tikich. Simple, calm rural landscapes open up before an amazing spectacle, which resembles either the very heart of the Carpathian Mountains or South America. Proterozoic granites, where Gorniy Tikich flows on, reckons more than 2 billion years and make a deep (to 20 m) and in some places narrow (to 20-40 m) canyon. Before the canyon itself, the river’s water rapidly falls down the granite blocks, producing a noisy two-meter side cut-waterfall Vyr.

Huge powerful 10-15 meter rocks over the river, small steep rocks with piles of colourful flowers, the sound of the waterfall and nature strength aroma in the air – all this enchantment in front of your eyes…

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