Ukrainian Brands


Vodka is considered the national drink of the Ukrainians. Ukrainian vodka is a symbol, brand of the country which means high quality. Good vodka from Ukraine is being taken abroad as a souvenir. Ukrainian Cossacks skillfully owned the unique recipes of Ukrainian vodka tradition as long as XV century. They were famous for producing good drink from honey of wild bees and berry juice. Nowadays, Ukrainian producers, taking Ukrainian traditions as a basis, complement the taste with the fragrant honey, sweet pepper and dried crust. It makes vodka a unique gift for family and friends as a remembrance of visiting Ukraine.


The cradle of Ukrainian winemaking is Crimea. Crimean wines are a world-famous brand. They are often taken as a keepsake about Crimea and Ukraine. Take a glass of Crimean wine, inhale the aroma, admire the sun plays in the ruby depths, carefully taste and try to catch aftertaste. In such way you should to enjoy Ukrainian wines, in bouquet of which fragrance of Muscat, honey notes of flowers and Alpine herbs are felt. Grape varieties, which have absorbed the luxury of Crimean nature – Riesling, Cabernet Sauvignon, Bastardo allow Ukraine providing the world with unique and qualitative wines.


Chocolate keeps luxury and refinement, sweetness and bitterness, delight in its taste. Chocolate is traditionally one of the most popular gifts. Ukraine is one of the first countries where chocolate traditions were born. Lviv is that Ukrainian city, where at first Oriental sweets and French desserts could be found. After some time local chefs, bakers and confectioners have started to make various delicious sweets themselves. Therefore, Lviv is the second European capital of chocolate after the Swiss city Bern. Nowadays, confectioners of all Ukraine use the same traditional production technology of old times in order to revive the magical recipes giving life to our chocolates.


Beer is one of the oldest beverages in the world. The history of Ukrainian brewing began in the times of Kyiv Rus. The first breweries were founded in Kyiv monasteries. Monks as the handicraftsmen and beer connoisseurs had the opportunity in the silence of cell to investigate the ancient manuscripts to choose from them the best recipes and methods of brewing. The secret of Ukrainian beer is consisted in clear deep-well water, fragrant hop and malt and the unique, secret technique. And now Ukrainian beer doesn’t lose its legendary taste and quality and is popular among Ukrainians and tourists.

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