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Development of event tourism to attract tourists during the low season

Andriy Sydor

Tourist city has two ways for attracting tourists in the low season: price-cutting and holding events which would interest tourists. Lviv chooses the second way

Every participants of the market has to take part in developing of tourism and creating brand of Ukraine.

Marina Rymarenko

The situation in the country has a great impact on tourism as an industry. Branding Ukraine as destination for business, cultural and beach tourism should become the most important priority for both government and the participants of tourism market.

Expand the boundaries of the seasonal tourism

Expand the boundaries of the seasonal tourism

Tatiana Markova

2013 is very important for Ukrainian tourism because we have to keep the development of tourism infrastructure, which our country has begun in 2012. In concerns both domestic and international tourism market.

Joining of efforts of tourism business is way to “break”

Joining of efforts of tourism business is way to “break”

Nadiya Radionenko

Today Lviv is an example of how the city can develop tourism and made a mint on it. The basis of this success is the overall strategic planning together with the representatives of industry and attracts these representatives to co-financing.

Ukraine will promote inbound tourism

Ukraine will promote inbound tourism

Elena Shapovalova

After Euro-2012 foreign tourists come back to Lviv, Kharkiv and Donetsk. Kharkiv and Donetsk focused on MICE. Having well-developed infrastructure, these cities have a great opportunity to realize forums and conferences.

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