Gourmet tour of Ukraine: chocolate dreams lead to "Hermina"

Source of eternal happiness and a symbol of heavenly pleasure ... thing of everybody's adoration ... If there is something that brings people together, it is a passion for chocolate.

Visit Ukraine had the opportunity to get acquainted with Irina Tomashi, co-owner of a unique confectionery «Hermina». Being made in the best traditions of Europe, this amazing place treats its visitors to fragrant Italian coffee, variety of teas, but Hermina’s highlight is the most delicious cakes.


Cozy confectionery in Koson of picturesque Transcarpathian region – village at the border with Hungary – became the “first swallow” of Hermina’s network. Then it was followed by coffee ‘n’ chocolate café in Vynogradove and Beregove. “We live in such a specific area, where the majority of population is the Hungarians. Despite this fact, very few of them ever tasted well-known national desserts of their historic homeland. Thus, confectionery masterpieces of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy turned to be a highlight of Hermina”.

Hermina treats its visitors to classical Hungarian cakes "Dobos" and "Esterházy", Austrian "Sacher" and "Cardinal" in combination with a cup of fragrant coffee. Recipes are exclusively authentic, and to distinguish the cake you are served in Budapest from which are treated in "Hermina" is impossible. During summer heat, you won’t able resist temptation to taste real Italian ice cream – light and natural with huge taste diversity – rum walnut, poppy cookies, strawberry yogurt.

For all this exoticism, owners of Hermina are seeking to surprise its visitors with new confectionery masterpieces. "Traveling to different countries, we have seen a lot of interesting chocolate traditions. Europe “has been conquered” by so-called artisan chocolate – chocolate bars with unusual ingredients: freeze-dried fruit, candied flower petals, exotic spices and nuts "- says Ms. Iryna. Thus,  was born the idea of ​​the brand «Hermina», bringing with them in the best traditions of Ukraine chocolate art and now a popular «organic» trend. Thus, the idea of “Hermina” brand was born, bringing to Ukraine best traditions of chocolate art and so popular in Europe «organic» trend.

Today, artisan chocolate is available to everyone. Visiting hermina.com.ua and giving vent to the imagination, anyone can create a piece of happiness. Selecting a bar of black, milk or white chocolate at first, add a variety of ingredients – candied petals of violets, roses and jasmine, and pink pepper and even spicy chili and many other things.

"Now we are full of new ideas on how to develop something new, get new emotions and impressions" - says Iryna. One of such ideas is wine- chocolate tasting, which are going to combine the excellent wine, good cheese and unique chocolate.

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