TOP 5 secret places of Odessa. Explore the city!

 Odessa is infiltrated with acacia and sea salt odour, the dreams here are the sweetest, and the never ending night dances on the beach end up with hundreds of giddy romances... Only in Odessa you can discover new amazing places every year. But have you ever visited our SECRET and HIDDEN places off the beaten track? No? Then read this Odessa Weekend secret places guide to surprise your friends and make your vacation more adventurous!

 The House of the Wolfman

The most famous patient of Sigmund Freud – Sergei Pankeyev used to live in Odessa.   He was called a "Wolfman" for sinister dreams and for the circumstances that can curdle blood. Freud said that his work with Pankeyev was the most important. The young man lived in house 20, Marazlievskaya Street, in front of the park. But we would like to recommend to find time and to cover 30 kilometres from Odessa to Vasilievka village, were the Wolf spent his childhood. Pankeyevs' estate was ransacked and looks rather spine-chilling. That's why it attracts directors, who eagerly shoot mystical or gangster scenes of their films here.

The Fairy Tunnel

The French Boulevardpreserved entourage and offishness of the Black Sea Riviera. Just as 150 years ago, this area lures and impresses with real estate prices. The territory of the former summer cottage of the car dealer I.Brun (63/65 French Boulevard), which we know from our childhood thanks to the film about adventures of Petrov and Vasechkin, is now occupied by Magnolia Sanatorium. Odessa people love this sanatorium for its Fairy Tunnel – the shortest pedestrian underground in the world. 

 Tolstoy Palace

The representatives of the southern branch of Tolstoy family made Odessa one of the most progressive cities of the Russian Empire. The family lived in a luxurious palace on theSabaneyev Bridge. The building was designed by legendary Boffo – the author of the Potemkin Stairs. Venetian mirrors, original glued-laminated parquet and walls embroidered with silk – almost the whole interior was preserved unaltered, thus making the palace unique. There was a café opened in the palace garden, where one can find shelter on a hot day and enjoy jazz improvisations at night. We recommend you an excursion with a guide! 

The Secret Yard

Tourists hardly ever get to walk along the green and shady Spiridonovskaya Street. And how wrong they are! Here you can find real treasures, for example house number 8. This is a unique red brick house which was built in 1880. This mystical house is hidden from passers-by behind a dark porch disguised as a dead end. 

Thank you, Steve! 

Apple users and lovers can’t get by 74/76 Novoselskogo Street. This is where the students of the Odessa IT Academy fixed up the first in the CIS monument to the "founding father" of the Apple Empire – Steve Jobs. By the way, this is the second monument in the world devoted to Steve. Just as a high-tech devise should be, this installation is illuminated with neon light during night time and provides all "the afflicted" with free Wi-Fi access.

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