Vorontsov Palace

Vorontsov Palace is one of the shiniest pearls in the necklace of Crimea. The palace harmoniously fits into amazing background of mountain scenery and evergreen forests of Alupka. It was built as the Crimean residence of the governor-general Mikhail Vorontsov. The palace was designed by Queen Victoria’s court architect Edward Blore, who had already shown his talent in designing London’s Buckingham Palace and Scotland’s Walter Scott Castle.

The southern facade of Vorontsov Palace looks on the Black Sea in the direction of Turkey and combines elements of European and Moorish styles in one elegant building on the picturesque backgroundof Mount Ai-Petri. While the west facade is nothing like Scottish castle in the Gothic style. If you look at the Vorontsov Palace from the surrounding mountains, it gives the impression of stern castle of English aristocracy of Tudor’s time.

The palace is surrounded by beautiful parks covering about 40 acres with stunning views of the mountains and the sea. Picturesque alleys, intertwined with small waterfalls, lakes and exotic trees stretch through the park. Near the palace there are gardens of cypress and magnolia. 


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